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  • Ascafe
  • This is a blend of coffee used for gastronomic purposes. We can boast a wide range of blends, which will make it possible for you to choose the one which will suit the most sophisticated tastes. The unique freshness, quick delivery, and a traditional process of roasting and mixing, which has not changed for years will make you satisfied with every cup of coffee.

  • Natural and flavoured coffee
  • This is our offer of natural and flavoured brands of coffee coming from different parts of the world. You are sure to choose something for yourself from our wide assortment.

  • Coffee roasting companies   - how to become coffee producer?
  • If you want to run your own small coffee roasting company or become a coffee producer please take a look at our coffee roasters offer.

  • Green Coffee
  • You can also buy ripe coffee. Our regular clients can count on convenient purchase conditions.

  • Accessories
  • We also offer electric grinders, bags...

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