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Aspol company was established in 1990. Due to changes made by the owner of the company,   which took place in 2000, a part of the shares was bought by Ascot company, and the former owner became  the main  share-holder. In the same year both the Board of Advisers and Company Management were established.

We deal with selling mini coffee roasters in Poland as well as Europe. We make machines using only pieces from Polish factories. UPK roaster with a wide range of output has been awarded numerous times. Currently we are dealing with roasting high quality brands of coffee from different parts of the world. We also import ripe coffee and coffee accessories. We can boast a wide range of flavoured, decaffeinated and instant brands of coffee. We organize schooling for people who want to run their own coffee roasting companies. Our experience in this field makes us the leaders on Polish market.

Aspol is mainly associated with sophisticated ASCAFE coffee with unique flavour and aroma, which has been protected by quality license since 1995. Our experienced staff, unique roasting process as well as excellent choice of coffee beans from the best plantations are guarantee of the best quality products, which appeal to a huge number gourmets.

P. H. P. Aspol Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lwowska 82
33-300 Nowy Sącz
tel./fax 018 441 54 29

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