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Special Offer

Please look at our promotion offer

  • If you buy at least 3 kilos of any brand of Ascafe coffee delivery to your company in Poland is gratis!!!!
  • You can always order a free sample of any coffee ( you only cover the delivery cost)
  • If you order over 30 kg of any coffee you can count on discount .
  • A wide choice of products offered by our company will give you a chance to find your own flavour.

Coffee in elegant wooden boxes.

We have two kinds of boxes in two colours. Natural wood or mahogany, they both have cream-coloured jute lining.

Inside the box:

Flavours of the world  
Price: 59,90

Elegant bags of coffee packed into a wooden box. There are four kinds of coffee: Columbian, Brazilian, Indian and Ethiopian, each one in a 25 grams bag. There is a possibility to order ground coffee.

Foto 0047

Connoisseur box
Price 69,90

There are a coffee grinder, coffee making device and one bag of coffee in it. This set gives you a chance to make fresh coffee in the Italian style.

Foto 0041
Foto 0046
*nett prices

You can make your own blend and we will prepare it for you.

You can also become a representative Ask about conditions.

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