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Your own business

We encourage you to buy a set used for producing coffee, which will give you a chance to save your time and what's more important your money. You just have to order it and we will deliver it to you on a settled date.

New devices

UPK1 coffee roaster+ coffee grinder Grimac + weighting machine exceptionally low price!!!!

If you buy UPK3 roaster with Grimac coffee grinder you will get either one bag of green coffee gratis or discount!!!!!!!!!

If you buy UPK12 coffee roaster with a Grimac coffee grinder and a weighting machine you will get discount or a bag of ripe coffee gratis!!!!!!

We also sell 100g, 250g, 500g 1000g bags for coffee both decorated or silver.

Second hand devices

Second hand UPK1 roaster power supply 230V with a guarantee- exceptionally low price

Palarka do kawy    Palarka do kawy

UPK 10 second hand roaster- has to be repaired, power supply 220/230 V, heating element propane- butane, copper finish.

Palarka do kawy

Tremo packing device "Praszka Poland" a second hand but almost unused, small device for heating foil. Exceptionally low price.

Tremo pak Praszka Poland

Second hand grinder 380 V, excellent for grinding coffee, pepper, seasoning, etc. Very good condition, guarantee, low price.

In Poland we deliver our devices gratis. We also organise professional schooling for roaster's operators, we deliver coffee necessary for the production. We give advice as far as assortment and the way of roasting is concerned.

Ask about the price.

Our promotion conditions apply only to companies and institutions.

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