Our coffee

Many uses, many meanings,on word-coffee. Andy how about you? What kind of coffee do you feel like trying?
What coffee do you need? We will help you choose coffee tailored to your needs at every stage.

Roasted coffee

There are many legends claiming that the first coffee beans were roasted around 1500. Today, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to choose the perfect treatment for the beans to make sure we will be able to enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee longer. All the types of coffee we offer undergo detailed inspections. They earn a high specialty score. A classic oven and a bright method of roasting emphasize the attributes of the coffee.

Green coffee

Many years of experience in working with grain and direct contact with framers have helped us understand the processes that determine the quality of the raw material. Our participation in world coffee exchanges guarantees the delivery of the beans you need. We provide constant supplies of green coffee for roasting plants. Groupage, pallet and container shipments. Let us know what grain you are looking for. We will deliver it to you soon.

Flavoured coffee

High-quality Arabica coffee beans are enriched with natural aromas according to unique recipes. It is thanks to this that the flavored kinds of coffee have a unique taste and aroma. Our cooperation with the best aroma factories guarantees the highest quality of the product. We invite you to taste our coffee. There are quite a few of them. Not sure what to choose? Write to We will let you know what is currently a hit in sales

Speciality and limited coffee

We buy coffee only from trusted suppliers. We have known some of them for over 15 years. The most important thing is to receive appropriate documentation in addition to the delivery of the original product. Sometimes the transport itself takes us over a month. We try to choose coffee of a different character. Just different from the rest.

Coffee for office | hotel | restaurant

We know how much a proven supplier means in business. That is why we guarantee a repeatable supply of freshly roasted coffee and help in choosing it. Arabica or Robusta? Maybe half and half? Are you bored with industrial products? Here is our e-mail contact us. Coffee served by you will start to taste and attract crowds of customers.

Coffee | your private brand

Building your own brand is always a real challenge. Introducing products on the market and promoting them are activities that also require a lot of time and money. Now, thanks to our offer, you do not have to deal with the complexities related to production and logistics. You don’t know how to go about it?It does not matter. Write to what kind of coffee should we produce for you

Coffee as a gift

The tradition of giving gifts is as old as the world – it dates back to Roman holidays. Who doesn’t like gifts? Dear corporate, marketing or advertising customer. You who are just looking for a gift for a loved one. Go ahead and write to us Epic products – we recommend it!The world is not enough? You’re welcome. A creative branch and a number of friendly graphic designers will be happy to help you create something new, tailored.