Dear customer, would you like to taste our coffee? Would you like to buy coffee for yourself or a loved one? No problem, visit our online store

You can also come to the roasting room and choose something on site.

If you are interested in commercial cooperation and you are looking for a trusted supplier who will ensure the highest quality of products- please contact our coffee advisers.

Our trained team will help you choose the best products for you so that we can adjust the offer and start cooperation in no time, do not forget to send us your company details.

We roast the coffee from Monday to Friday. Orders placed early in the morning are prepared the same day. We deliver by a courier. Agreements with logistic partners guarantee delivery of parcels in Poland within 24/48 hours. Pallet orders are usually delivered within 48/72 hours. We make deliveries in Europe within 3-5 days.

It is best to contact us by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Due to frequent meetings, training and cup testing, we do not always answer the phone immediately.

Yes! Just stick to a few rules. First, don’t order your coffee at the last minute. Calculate your exact requirements, we’ll do the rest. Use our delivery mechanism and select the dates for delivery of the coffee. What’s more, with recurring orders you will avoid shipping charges.

It is very difficult to answer this question unambiguously. Usually, it is your demand that determines which packaging to choose. We know from experience that a 250g pack is not enough to fully experience the taste and aroma of coffee, although it is very popular. 500g is the optimal size to maintain the best quality of the entire product, including the specialty. 1000g is a lot, because the coffee trays in most home coffee machines are smaller. Usually, 1000g packages are recommended for large automatic and semi-automatic machines. We pack the flavored coffees 200 and 1000g, because many years of experience have shown that 200g is enough for a trial. For proven flavors, 1000g is just right.

However, we do not forget about the individual needs of the market and therefore we can pack coffee according to your recommendations.

All coffee roasted by us has a use-by date of one year. However, if you are a coffee connoisseur and you want a really fresh coffee, don’t keep the coffee for more than 2-4 weeks. In this instance it’s better to order recurrently.

Our coffee is made in Małopolska, in a beautiful, green, charming area of ​​the Wiśnicz Foothills. Aspol’s office | Ascafe, the producer, is located in Nowy Sącz – Poland.

Yes, we will be very pleased! At the production plant, we have a shop with a workshop, the so-called test room where you can try our coffee. Your always welcome to vist.

Of course! We are here to help you tame the vastness of coffee flavors and information. Write an e-mail or sign up for the training Our team will try to answer every question.

We don’t grind coffee. In our offer you will only find coffee beans. Trust us – it’s better if the coffee is ground right before brewing, you can feel the difference.

Out of respect for the uniqueness of our single origin and specialty coffee beans, and in order to preserve the full flavor of coffee, we always roast it in the light or medium roast style (light, medium roasting). Ascafe beans intended for coffee machines are roasted a little harder.

Store coffee in a tightly closed container, not in the sun, preferably in a dark place. We do not recommend storing coffee in the refrigerator, as it can absorb smell and moisture through leaky packaging. Wet coffee turns moldy.

Due to the great respect for coffee and the fact that it is difficult to obtain specialty beans and micro-lot, we would like to inform you that we do not store our coffee. We burn coffee on the fly.

The flavored coffees mature and absorb the aromas for over a week.

We store the coffees dedicated to coffee machines for 14 days before they are shipped.

You can also order Ascafe Starter, 10 types of coffee in 100g packs and prepare your coffee the way you like. You can drink our coffee in many places in Poland (we are currently working on an active map of locations where you can taste Ascafe).

Our single origin, specialty, micro-lot, limited coffee is better because: it is freshly roasted after placing the order, it is packed fresh after roasting in special packages that guarantee freshness. We pack coffees in 500g packages, which is the most efficient and optimal. We have a very fast and efficient delivery system. We offer the help of a passionate person, who perhaps in the future may become Q Grader, in familiarizing with the coffee world. We produce our flavored coffee according to stringent company standards, using natural aromas from the best factories. Ascafe coffee intended for coffee machines is always breathed so that they fit together.

The most important difference, however, is the care of each grain obtained without harming the environment. We know our suppliers, we help them realistically where they live. All specialty coffees have a certificate of origin confirming their originality, and the vast majority – over 83 points. We do it because we know how important coffee is for you and we know how difficult it is to produce good, unique beans. Selected grains constitute a small percentage of all world crops.