Find your coffee

Do you feel like a pinch of nuts and cocoa in your coffee or perhaps you prefer a citrus flavour?
Find out what kind of aromas hide in different parts of the world..

We rost, taste and ….. sip in Nowy Sącz.

Our coffee roasting plant is located in the green surrounding outside of the city. We have here a workshop in which samples of coffee are tested. We also provide training and cup tastings. It’s here where we have been creating our products with our team for many years.

We have an Italian original roaster for single origin coffee, and a separate production line for bio, organic or limited edition coffee.

A bean treated with care will replay you with the aroma.

Out of respect for the beans the coffee is roasted light or medium.

Direct trade – we look for the best coffee at the source.

Coffee is born at a plantation and we get there. We know the suppliers from all over the world personally. Only in this way we are able to guarantee the best, consistent quality of our products.

For many years of experience we have selected the essence of the coffee from all over the world.