We add knowledge
to every bag

Almost a quarter of a century of experience in working with the best types of coffee allowed us to create a perfect process.

Hand-picked harvesting and carefull ptocessing.

It takes two years after planting for a coffee tree to bloom. The fruit takes seven to nine months to bloom. This time is critical for the bean.It requires care like any fruit- fertile soil protection against pests, clean ecological space.

When choosing a plantation, we focus on small, local manufactories. The grains are most often harvested there by hand. The so-called picking, i.e. picking single, ripe berries, is the best method of harvesting fruit in the world.

We buy the beans directly from the plantation.

We get the beans directly from our partners from plantations. We have personal contact with them. Thanks to that we know how to work with raw material from a given region.

Every kind of coffee undergoes the process of a careful selection. After some time it gets into the roaster. We roast our coffee on a daily basis in a classical Italian roaster, with appropriate care and without any rush.

How to make coffee? It’s not so easy.

The first contact of coffee with hot water is called blooming. The processes of releasing the aroma take place when coffee gets into contact with water.

It doesn’t really matter if we use an aeropress, a chemex or a high-pressure coffee machine- this is the crucial moment of making the brew. It is preceded by grinding- an equally important moment without which the grain will not release its qualities. We take all these steps into account when we offer you your favourite coffee flavour.