About Us

Hi, I am Chris.
I have drunk coffee from all over the world.

In 1990 roasted the first beans of Colombian coffee. From the very beginning the quality has been our top priority.

Today we are operating in a cutting edge workshop, far from the city rush. We are still a Polish family company. We roast coffee beans in small batches, and the prices of our coffee are not shaped according to the costs of plantators or workers. We strongly believe that it pays off to be honest.

I am very passionate about what I do and for my team I only choose people with similar mindset.

Fair trade – we are honest
at every stage.

Coffee is a fruit, though not many think this way. The right yield is the beginning of the brewing process. After harvesting the grain is processed, carefully stored and the right method of roasting is chosen. How is it possible that coffee has so many tastes. How do we work on it? Why are we close to the principles of fair trade?

Give our coffee a try, and you will probobly stay with us forever.

We cooperate with restaurants, hotels, offices and coffee shops. There are enthusiasts and connoisseurs with us – people looking for something more in coffee than just a brand from the store shelf. We will meet over coffee with those who can distinguish flavors and aromas and appreciate the work our team puts into creating ASCAFE quality.